Food Ideas

Ever think of food like arts and crafts? A pantry is like a supply cabinet for collages, sculptures, paintings and decorative objects. Taste is the only limitation.

Here’s a menu of food ideas and food-related products from

Pistachio Mustachio. Suggested Ben & Jerry’s flavor.

self turning hot dogThe Self-Turning Hot Dog. Could well-placed “vents” make it roll over on its back?

Digestimating: Eat Only What You Write Down. Your brain knows what’s “a lot.” Your stomach is clueless.

Ketchup Warmers / Butter Melters for Microwaves. For heating small amounts conveniently.

Oh, oh, Oreo Construction KIts. That creamy filling makes great mortar.

Edible Ads. Would you eat crackers with corporate logos, if that lowered the cost?

Testimonial to Clinical Ecology: Food Allergy Testing. Turned out wheat made me drowsy and made my joints swell.

Gift Idea: Customize a Box of Candy. No green Jujy Fruits in this box!

double crust pizzasDouble-Ring or Two-Crust Pizza. Now you can cut a pizza into 16 slices, every one with crust!

Marshmallow Duckies for Hot Chocolate. No reason your marshmallows can’t go for a swim.

Lighter-Than-Air Snacks. Net weight: Less than zero!

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— Peter Mucha