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See an idea you like? Use if it’s for everybody.  Otherwise, call “dibs.” Post a comment staking a claim, along with info to show you’re serious, hopefully deterring imitators. Return from time to time to post updates, renewing your “dibs.” If you give up, please return to let folks know, helping the next guy by sharing your story. Obligatory disclaimer/warning: This is a suggested honor system, relying on good will, trust and faith, without any guarantees.

About the APeter Mucha, by Corinne Muchauthor, Peter Mucha. I create a lot. Always have. Sold little comic books in third grade. My humorous posters held my best friend become class president in high school. Cartoons, humorous essays for college newspaper. Longtime journalist: Freelance writer. Magazine editor. Copy editor then features writer, Kids’ Talk columnist, blogger and online reporter for Philadelphia Inquirer. Had a game I designed published in Europe, and wrote a couple of kids’ novel still waiting for liberation from my hard drive. That was the resume as of 2006, when I had the idea of creating an idea blog. (By the way, caricature of me is by my comic-artist daughter, Corinne Mucha.)

Over the years, I habitually wrote down any idea that popped into my hair-deprived skull. Silly, super-serious, whatever. Hey, even a dopey idea can inspire, well, who knows what? And since there were many I’d never use, I thought, why not give them away? I posted faithfully for a couple of years, then let the cobwebs grow.

Lots more ideas since. Had a fun writing gig for Inquirer-affiliated website Designed a lot more games … took them to the “almost-finished” stage.

In late 2014, I opted for freedom to pursue some dreams, develop some of my “best” ideas. Finish those games. Get those novels published. Find a partner who turn my best puzzle ideas into apps. Find a publisher for a children’s picture book I wrote and illustrated in 2015.  And have a bit of more fun online.

After rescuing Steal My Ideas, Please from a malware infestation, I launched a parent site, ThinkableOrNot, as a home for more, well, creative thinking. It’s more about exploring what’s really true than rehashing news, a dose of healthy skepticism compared to the optimism of this blog.

Any ideas held back? Sure. Gotta have my own dreams and secrets. So, at least for now, I’m holding onto ideas for card and board games I’ve already designed, or have realistic hopes of finishing someday. Also not divulging notions for novels or other books that feel right for me to write. Lastly, I just have this thing about giving away ideas that might make rich companies richer. So, sorry, Dunkin’ Donuts, not telling about a neat new product line for you. Not quite ready to reveal my innovations in laptop computers and licorice. (Two ideas. Not talking candy keyboards here.) Am I open to a deal? Sure.

Need an idea? I like brainstorming, so feel free to get in touch if you’re stuck. Or maybe you’re an entrepreneur who’s looking for a business-starter. I’d also love to visit classes to teach creativity, with lessons like “100 Ways to Get Godzilla to the Other Side of the Great Wall of China.” (Email psmucha2 at

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