Marshmallow Duckies for Hot Chocolate

Gotta love Peeps, those marshmallow chicks and bunnies from Just Born. Assorted permutations appear for various holidays: ghosts, pumpkins, hearts, snowmen and Christmas trees. But departing from the holiday idea, how about this: Hot chocolate duckies! Instead of regular marshmallows, you float cute little creatures. Ducks are archetypal floaters, but swans and whales and octopi are also possible. Kids (of all ages) would find them fun.

One thought on “Marshmallow Duckies for Hot Chocolate

  1. I’m not calling dibs on this idea since I’m also lacking the means or motivation to launch a new product, but I do have to say I think this idea is wonderful! I’d buy shaped hot chocolate marshmallows in a second! It’d probably make me drink hot chocolate more often. An addition to the idea – someone could also do marshmallow letters so your cup could look like alphabet soup. You know, personalize each mug full of steamy goodness with your child’s name. Of course, there may be quantity fights if one of your children was named ‘Ana’ and the other was named ‘Barnabus’ but still…

    Great site!

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