Garfield’s One-Liners for Your Catbox

This would be a popular product. Sure, people license cartoon characters for T-shirts and games and underwear. Fun stuff. But aren’t laughs even more needed during disgusting chores, like changing a catbox? Look forward to this every week at my house! Anyway, people love Garfield, people love cats, people love jokes, so market some catbox liners with cartoons and jokes and call them: Garfield’s One-Liners. Or maybe Heathcliff’s. That Mutts cat have a name? Something tells me that cat owners will envision their kitties being just like Mommy or Daddy “reading on the toilet” and think it’s sooooo cuuuuuute. Hey, Garfield’s even on Commerce Bank credit cards (Regis have one?), so it’s not like he has scruples.

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