Invisible Man Halloween Costume

Alex as the Invisible Man, 1993Here’s how my son, Alex, became the Invisible Man one Halloween. Suspended a hat in midair on top of two black coathanger wires. The wires were attached to a setup he wore on his head. A skinny piece of wood ran across that to simulate shoulders. That in turn held up a sweater with big enough holes to see through. Could use any hat, but this one had dangling drawstrings that nicely covered the wires. Sunglasses were fastened to the wires, and pipe was held up by another wire. The hat, glasses and pipe not only seemed to float in midair, but even bobbed as he walked, suggested a real bobbing head. Couldn’t find the original in the attic, but did find a couple of pictures.

Alex Mucha as Invisible Man in 1993 Haddon Heights Halloween parade

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