Newspaper Ideas: Gasp! Not TV-Like Teasers on Page One!

Route sign with question markSure. Why not? Now, I’m not talking about informative blurbs, like “Pirates Steals Box-Office Booty. Page C1.” I’m talking about “wouldn’t you like to know?” come-ons, like “When Will This Hot Weather End? Page A3.” Horrors! It’s tacky, it’s annoying, it’s not serious and dignified! True. But: (1) You could tease many more stories on Page One. (2) You’d hook people into buying more papers. (3) You’d banish those tacky, annoying jumps (continued on page …) everyone hates. (4) You’d have room for more photos, which themselves could be teasers. (5) You’d get more people to browse through more pages, which advertisers would love. And (6), if done right, they might even be fun! For example:

Which Late-Night Host Will Sub for Ebert?  Roger Ebert
Paris Hilton Did What With Her Dog?
Why Doctors Say Broccoli’s Bad
Local Star Suffers Bad Break
Major Road to Close for a Month
New Online Game Is Such a Hoot!
Is Your Truck Part of Big Recall?
What Scientists Say Doesn’t Exist!
Find-Our-Contest Contest!
Little-Known Fact Could Save Your Life

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