Gift Idea: Customize a Box of Candy

Red, orange and yellow Jujyfruits

My wife, Anne, like Jujyfruits, but only the reds, oranges and yellows. No green or black ones, thank you. So one Christmas, for fun, I took two boxes, pulled out the greens and blacks, and filled one box with her favorites. Also cut and pasted pictures from the second box so only the kinds she liked were pictured on the first one. Made her happy, and now I do this every year. Simple to do, but extra credit for the thought that counts. Now some stores let you select colors of M&Ms, or types of chocolates, or flavors of jelly beans. But it’s better if the mix had to be one you made yourself. Or try the reverse with anything. You know about mix tapes of songs, but why not create a mix of favorite TV shows, beverages, cookies, newspaper cartoons, photos or puzzles?

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