Baby Talk Brand-Name Generator

Ever notice how many current and once-popular brands sound like baby talk or nonsense? Google. Barbie. Madonna. Sudoku. Bambi. Yahoo. Howdy Doody. Coca-Cola. Pokemon. Pop-Eye. Wham-O. Oreo. Goobers. iPod. eBay. Frisbee. Gumby. ABBA. Barbra. Pizza. The Doobie Brothers. Dydie Diapers. Tutti frutti. The Bee Gees. BVDs. Jeep. Fuji. Hula Hoop. Uma. Oprah. Subaru. OK I’m exaggerating, but simple nonsense is (a) simple, (b) primal / shared, (c) intriguing (What’s that mean?), and therefore (d) memorable. So if there was a Baby Talk Brand-Name Generator, it’d spit out some surefire catchy names. Here’s my best shot. Take a syllable or two from the beginning list below, and match it to one of the endings. Mayhaps add one more letter sound, like an R or N or Z, just for a touch of growing up. Let’s see what we get. 

Beginnings: Ab. Bah. Bee. Coo. Dah. Dee. Doh. Doo. Gah. Goo. Mah. Me. Moe. Moo. Ooh. Ob. Op. Pa. Pee. Pie. Po. Poo. Too. Wah. Wee. Woo. Endings:  A. Bay. Bee. Ble. Boo. Brr. Coo. Dee. Dle. Ee. Me. Goo. Jee. Me. Moo. Oh. Oo. Pa. Pee. Ple. Pop. Tee. Toe. Too. Woo. Wee. Woe. Uh.

Lookie here: There’s Doby from Harry Potter. Wah-Wee-Pop = Lollipop. And looks like  Oodles of Noodles, moo goo gai pan, the Beatles’ Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da, and Obiwan Kenobi are all in there, too. Maybe I wasn’t exaggerating!
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Now click the pic, to try an actual Handy-Dandy Baby Talk Brand-Name Generator conjured by by Drew Anderson of!

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