Oh, Oh, Oreo Construction Kits

rectangular Oreo bricks for construction funOreos could make for an inspiring kind of edible construction toy. Two kinds: Premade parts and Custom Bake-ables. With Premade, you’d chocolate crisps in squares, rectangles, bricks and circles, plus a pot of creamy white filling “mortar.” Arrange in any way. Towers. Tunnels. Vehicles. Castles. Boats. In Custom Bake-ables, you could do all that using little molds, or create super sizes, like on a gigundo birthday cookie. Lift the two-foot chocolatey top and see a hidden “Happy Birthday” message written in colored icing on the filling. Or use cookie cutters to make Oreo men, animals or other shapes. Even create custom nuggets or crumbles for topping ice cream, pudding or cake. Of course, include a stamp for imprinting the Oreo name.

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