Ketchup Warmer / Butter Melter for Microwaves

Ketchup warmer / butter melterKetchup tastes better warm. And sometimes you just want a little. So how to heat it? Ditto for melting butter. Often a small amount’s desired. Seems there ought to be some kind of microwaveable cutlery with a trough for smidgeons of sauce. Maybe redesign the spoon. Bend the end of the handle, so the thing lies flat. Add a flap to catch spatters. Call it the Micro-Spoon or the Micro-Warming Widget. Keep having another thought, though: Maybe a wide-mouth ketchup bottle could have a removable, microwavable reservoir at the top. A Ketchup Catcher that’s shallow and flat, with a pop-off lid, easy to drag a knife through. Squeeze the bottle to fill the Ketchup Catcher.

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