Anti-Trend Thinking

Ever notice that once in a while along comes a fad or phenomenon that’s seems inexplicable because it defames something wildly popular? Example, a book from years ago: 101 Uses for a Dead Cat, which is still alive on Amazon. Now some might see the appeal as simple satire, but I think it’s more than that: Some trends get so popular, they make some of us nauseous, and we delight in seeing someone dare to embrace the opposite. Enough talk. Ideas:

Gigundo Phones: Slimmer and sleeker won’t always be chic-er. Swerve ahead of the curve with the new phone that has a 5 pound keypad and a 5 pound screen — so you can weight-train while you yammer.

The Mindlessness of Zen-Pod:  Gigabytes, tetrabytes, gajillions of downloads in an ounce? Really hold infinity in your hand with the newest i-Pod that has no memory and stores nothing! You’ll be forced to think, or mediate! What’s this? Cosmic music of the soul?!

Anti Salad: No veggies, no fruits, none of that high-fibrous tossy mossy flossy (which sounds like names for rabbits in a kids’ book). No, it’s all meat and cheese, but reformed and reconstituted to resemble lettuce, carrots and cukes. Bet it could be good.

Plain Coffee. And it’s cheap. Comes in only one flavor. Instead of Taster’s Choice, it’s No Choice.

Low-Def. Downright fuzzy programming. The Fog Channel. A refuge for the aged and epidermically challenged.

The Anti-Blog: A raging rant of a blog about how ridiculous blogs are. Updated hourly, just to be fully hypocritical / ironic. Or maybe it’s just a static page that’s never updated. Ever. Till the pyramids are submerged.

Educational Toys That Are No Fun. Forget trying to fool kids. Here’s a smart game that’s boring and difficult, so there.

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