Rewrite Your Inner Story Lines

Interesting article recently in the NY Times, called “This Is Your Life (And How You Tell It).” Suggests an approach to straightening out one’s head where you examine the plot you’ve adopted for your life. OK, maybe it’s as simple as “Boy meets smart, kind and sexy girl, boy marries girl, boy and girl have two healthy kids and a dog and live happily ever after.” Or maybe it’s as complicated as “I find inner peace and happiness and everyone will like me.” Actually, what’s easy about either one? Life brings all sorts of complications and contradictions and conflicts we can’t control. So when we’re driving ourselves crazy as we fail to make our dreams come true, maybe it’s time to adjust the dreams. Or take them in stages. Lose the long-term view. And let a single chapter play out. Something about this makes a lot of sense to me … now if I can just figure out which subconscious story lines I’m following.

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