Skin Will Become the Ultimate High-Def Screen

Seriously. As image screen gets thinner and lighter, first newspapers and magazines will get replaced by e-paper, which folds and unfolds and presents images in infinite formats. Then people will say, cool! I want to wear this stuff, and they’ll make clothing that displays any image you want. Your hat can show the Mona Lisa in the morning, the faces of friends all day, and sexy film noir clips as you gambol by night. But why stop there? As nano(bio)tech film-screens get even lighter and elastic, you’ll have a body wrap that lets you cover your skin with whatever images you want. You can be blue, a butterfly, a walking talking set of favorite film clips, or a ray of sunshine (you’re the ultimate sunscreen). Of course, with the right supercomputer supersensor technology, you can be invisible too, as each side of your body displays exactly what’s behind it. Gurus will indeed contemplate their navels — as they watch images from faraway galaxies beamed down from space-borne telescopes.  

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