Karma for Sports Fans

What goes around comes around. Maybe that’s the problem here in Philly. The negativity of fans cosmically gets punished by never having that ultimate prize: A title in a major sport. (Philadelphia gone more seasons without an NFL, MLB, NBA or NHL title than any other city. Cleveland’s gone more years, for example, but doesn’t have all four sports.) Now, ever hear of The Secret? It’s a kind of karmic claim, that, well, you get what you envision, and talking of what can go wrong means it often will. So, Philly fans, if you want to win a title — and this goes for other cities, too — channel your criticisms in positive ways. “These things have a way of correcting themselves. I’m sure Ryan Howard will see that having a more level swing would cut down on his strikeouts and produce more hits, without reducing his homer totals.” Ah, just feels weird to think like that here in Philly. I think we’re addicted to negativity. Something’s rotten in Denmark … and we like it.

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