‘Opposite of Reality’ Shows

Actually, that sounds like fantasy. But that’s not what I mean. No, flip the premise and see what you get:

The Biggest Gainer  Anorexics compete to put on the most weight.
Wife Keep Producers scout for the most horrible wives and the men who want to leave them — then force the men to stay.
No Survivors 16 people are stranded on a desert island, and every week a new castaway is voted ON, until they all run out of food and starve to death.
The Hostile Takeover Team Instead of Donald Trump bossing around a bunch of “apprentices” some Wall Street bankers leverage a takeover and tell Trump what to do!
Studs and Spinsters In this contra Beauty and the Geek, female chess masters get dating tips from redneck sewage treatment technicians.

Pratfalling With the Stars Chevy Chase hosts this series that looks for America’s clumsiest celebrities — or are they just great at faking serious injury?
Singing Bee Therapy It’s not about remembering words but forgetting those catchy tunes and jingles you just can’t get out of your head.
Who Wants to Be Impoverished? The more stupid questions you answer correctly, the more you’re fined for boring America!
America Doesn’t Got Talent Wait, this is exactly that same as the original show!

Here’s an earlier post about a “reality” spinoff: Beer Factor.

What’s your anti-reality show idea? 

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