The TV Show Doctor Is In … Next Patient: ‘Cavemen’

Gees, what a loser of a show. Hello. The producers never found the humor of the premise (if there is one) and they totally forgot you cannot be funny (at least not in a popular, commercially viable way) with being obnoxious, offensive, politically correct and/or ridiculous. Sure, you can have “smart” Cavemen, but they also have to have big and funny flaws. Not oversensitivity to losing a girl or being different. But flaws like only eating raw meat by the gigantic chunk, and jumping around like a monkey while making grunting sounds. It’s just this “eccentricity” some folks find amusing. (2) Why not do the Munsters routine and a wild and crazy family, including baby girl with beard and grandma who refuses to shower? Oh, it drives our young grad student nuts. (3) Add more groups of historically misunderstood ethnicities, like Vikings (“Why do people also joke we are horny, Hans?” “It could be the horns on our helmets, Eric.”) and Huns and Visigoths and Neanderthals and Leprechauns.

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