Calmer Car Horn Option

Kinder car horn optionCar horns bleat, the blare, they say, “Yo, brasspipe, wake up, wise up, get the pell-mell out of my way!” But sometimes you just want to nudge somebody politely, genteelly, slightly: “Uh, excuse me, but that light’s been green for several minutes.” “Sorry, but could you roll down your window, so I could ask you some directions?” “Uh, old lady, don’t like have a heart attack, but could you push your shopping cart out of the line of my way?” Or: “Hubba-hubba, babe, mind if I share a smile?” In short: Why not have a second car horn, one that nudges, pssssts, catches somebody’s attention WITHOUT YELLING AT THEM. Would sound something like those old UH-OOO-GA’s. Call it the Yoo-Hoo-Ga Horn. No, how about the Excooz-Ga Horn?

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