Pair of Ducks

Know why nothing is absolute? (Or as metaphysicians might say, “Nothing is Everything.” Bad cosmic joke.) Because each of us has two infinite halves. (Go with me … this isn’t meant as fact.) Maybe multiple infinite halves. Take mind and soul. Can you love a person with all your soul and but not all your mind? Consider. Maybe that’s how love can make you lose your mind. Every truth is paradox, I believe.  It contains its contradiction, its opposite. It’s cosmic balance. That’s why no one can win that lie-detector show, Moment of Truth. Love isn’t a yes or no. Neither is life. It’s both. You’re full of “life” … and death. To fully live, anyway, you have to tear down and rebuild and tear down again … Conscious and subconscious … struggle to complete each other. But maybe they both are. Trick is not to reconcile, but keep both content … open one door then the other.  

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