More on ‘Made to Stick’: The Intention of Objects

Inventions have intentions, and so can things. Or at least they can so succinctly personify an idea, they seem alive. Those are the ideas that catch on, that stick the most. They’re pared to such a level of simplicity, of elegance, they seem to embody one thought. Of course, we might disagree on what that thought is, but here’s my sort of random riff: Wacky Wall Walkers say: “We defy the law of gravity.” Pet rocks say: “Funny how giving love to living things can have a price.” iPods say, “Hold a musical infinity in the palm of your hand, hear eternity in an hour.” If you make something, try to slim it and trim it and shape it until it’s iconic, handy-dandy, beautiful, and speaks to you. Less is more. So I’ll shut up.

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