Trackball / Therapy Ball / Chair

Here’s a weird idea. (Yes, I’m back, at least for now, after spending a bunch of months journaling and trying to straighten out my head. More on that later. Perhaps.) Too many of us just sit at work, exercising nothing but our eyes and fingers typing at computers. Earlier, I had the idea for a giant keyboard you type on with your feet: The Big Toe-Tappable Computer Keyboard. Well, I recently read about the idea that it’s better for you to sit on a huge inflated therapy ball than in a chair. You have to move and strengthen your core muscles just to keep your balance. I liked it. Now I watch TV that way. Definitely helps me feel less like a slug. Aha, I thought the other day, what if this therapy ball also worked like a giant trackball?  You’d move your cursor by sliding yourself on the ball. Maybe you click with your foot.

Gee, why not that? It’s pretty tough (and probably tiring) to dance on a giant keyboard. But what if you had a stepper for a couple of keys? Left foot: Space bar. Right foot: Mouse click. Even sitting in a chair, you might get a lot of movement in, because I’ll bet we hit those keys/buttons hundreds of times a day.

I hope to illustrate this when I get time.

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