The Online Name Game, Part 3

webname NOT available

To recap, we all get Googled, so it makes sense to help people find your best you.

To that end, I’ve been brainstorming ways to put my full name in a web address, likely through buying a fresh domain. is taken, and I’m not looking to buy it from the Mississauga, Ontario, man who uses it as a photo album.

The most obvious alternative is to change the extension, which can be helpful, too.

.biz, .info, and .xyz all suggest information, while .me certainly adds a personal touch (even though it stands for the country of Montenegro).

Or, one could add a word or two, the way many people do with Twitter, like or fullnamepersonalpassion. Works great for or, but I’ve been wearing a lot of hats. is more tempting. Bio, profile, scrapbook might also work, Possibilities abound, including and, though they don’t click with me.

Another approach is to use any domain and put the full name be in a subdomain ( or as a page title ( A subdomain can read into domain to create something like Fred.designsallsortsofthingscom. The verb approach allows adapting the URL to cover other parties,  so Fred’s employees, colleagues, business partners or friends could each have Google-me spotlight, if he wants to add them later.

I’m tempted to use this last approach, because it would lend itself to something bigger, involving all sorts of friends and worthy strangers. Getting close to making a decision.

Good luck if you’re similarly seeking. Feel free to email if you’re stuck and would like some help.

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