Edible Ads

apples with logos for Apple and Applebee'sIf it would cut the cost of your food, would you be cool with eating a steak “branded” with the logo for a beer? Or see an for ad for Wheat Thins stamped on slices of American cheese? Or how about web addresses that show up when you toast a slice a bread? Or how about pop song lyrics on those Pop Tarts? Of course, you do already see cross-promotional advertising in lots of ways: Movie-themed cereal with info about the movie on the package. Special offers, and so forth. But how would you feel about ads directly on your food?

One thought on “Edible Ads

  1. Surprized that more companies are not advertising within individual sales items. For example, what if when you opened a Snickers bar you bought from the corner market a ‘mini-note’ on the inside promotes the new peanut butter bar. I know this is being done on packaging/boxes, but why not on individual pieces you can pick up in any store?

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