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New Theme Song!

Cool! Never had a theme song before. Listen. Drew Anderson of MoHDI was nice enough to write this for me! You, too, can get "One Awesome Song."

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Digestimating: Eat Only What You Write Down

I’d eat less (I’m just a bit overweight) if my stomach wasn’t greedier than my brain. It works like this: Mind see cherries. Mind think: “I’ll only eat half a little dishful.” Mouth eat. Stomach say: “Me want more.” Dish fill up. Mouth eat that. Mind think (lie): “Just a few more.” Repeat.

Stomach rumble.

See, if we (I) only ate what I originally thought would be a lot, I’d eat a lot less. Chapter 11 of my (imagined) forthcoming book: 101 Wild Diets for the Truly Desperate.

One of earlier ideas: Diet Mittens.
Another “cutting-edge” diet idea I found: The Lawnmower Diet.

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